I am a self-taught, nationally recognized mixed media artist with a bent toward recycled materials, found objects, and all things Americana. With studios in both Seattle and Portland, my work reflects who I am and where I’m from.  I love the West and all things associated with it. 

Although my reputation is primarily as a “license plate artist,” I dabble in just about all things vintage and collectible, and find inspiration everywhere I look.   I’m a regular at most of the salvage yards and antique malls dotted along Interstate-5; always scouting for old tools, rodeo posters, reclaimed hardware, soda cans, punched tin and other finds.  Layering materials, mixing textures and patterns, finding the fabulous in the flawed and worn -- those are the things that make me tick -- and make my work unique.

About 10 years ago I started making decorative guitar sculptures out of license plates, first as a hobby and now as a full-time business.  Each is made with real license plates, so no two will ever be alike.  To me, the guitars embody music and road trips, and perhaps simpler times. They’re comfort food. And as with many of the most-interesting people you meet in life, they exude character, age, wear/tear and stories to tell.

Carol Braden Retail 1 of 1 Fine Art is a collection of original art pieces sold to Galleries.  Every piece is made-by-hand, made in America, and made from authentic materials.  I am a member of the Country Music Association (CMA), Austin Art Alliance, and the American Craft Council.  For a list of galleries carrying my one-of-a-kind pieces, please click on “Where to find”.

Rivet+Rust Wholesale Metal Décor is sold to retailers.  It is a hybrid of sorts; sourcing some of its raw materials and components from India, and then performing all of the handwork, embellishment and custom-finishing in our main production studio in Seattle, Washington.  A style all our own and an extension of the Carol Braden brand,  Rivet+Rust offers a unique mix of rustic, industrial, and even romantic pieces.  We will be launching the line at the 2016 Las Vegas Home Decor and Gift Show at the end of July in the Global Handmade Section of the show.


Earth-Friendly Earth-Friendly
Using recycled or upcycled materials whenever possible drives my creative mission and business acumen. The green leaf icon means that this item is made with sustainable, eco-certified or reclaimed materials.
One-of-a-kind One-of-a-kind
The fingerprint icon denotes an original, one-of-a-kind item. This is a "one-off" that can't be recreated.
Made By Hand Made By Hand
Each and every one of my products is carefully made by hand. Please note that slight differences in color, form and finish are considered normal for handmade items and add to the individuality of each piece.
Locally Made Locally Made
All design, material-gathering and handwork is done in my Seattle-based studio.